[KP 061]

Begleitheft \"Bird Guide\"
Size: 14 x 22 cm this is a folding pocket sized Bird Guide for your anorak or safari suit. On 23 pages, there are 107 chosen examples of the South African bird world.

One after the other you can read about seed-eating, insect-eating, and fruit-eating birds.
Shortly after these, you come to those birds who sip nectar.
Birds that hunt at night are next, along with water birds.
Summer visitors are presented and birds who excel in nest-building technology.

Each bird is more or less intensively described.
The bird names are in English, Afrikaans and German.
Wingspan is of course standard information.
The shadows of some birds in flight are also depicted.
In addition, we learn something about their plumage, the difference between male and female, or their favourite food.
Texts are in English.

When you have looked at all the plates, you can then see, on two adjoining pages, a map of South Africa on a scale of 1: 10 million.
Depicted on it are wild life parks and wild life reservations as well as the cities.
The best regions for bird-watching are also revealed.

The guide is doubly laminated with a 3mm gap between the folds to facilitate folding.
This is an important travelling companion when you are on the road.
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