[KP 063]

Begleitheft \"Snake Guide\" von Johan Marais
Admittedly, they are not everyone’s cup of tea but snakes are fascinating creatures.

Size: 14 x 22 cm-fits in the outside pocket of a safari suitable anorak. On 23 pages, selected representatives of the South African snake world are presented.

Mambas and Cobras are presented here, fangless snakes (non-poisonous), snakes with fangs, for example back-fanged snakes.
Each snake is described in detail.
For a quick appraisal, there is a dot beside each snake’s name.
Sometimes there’s one red dot, sometimes two.
There are also snake names with three red dots.
But there are also harmless snakes, those with one green dot.

The names are given in English, Afrikaans, and Latin.
Needless to say, we also learn about the average length.
Well a 2 metres long snake is certainly formidable and one which can reach 4 metres in length like the Black Mamba, even more so.

Each type of snake is depicted with a map showing the territory where it can be found.
The texts are in English.

At the end of the plates, we see a map which extends over two pages and explains how to behave when confronted by snakebites.

The guide is doubly laminated with a 3mm gap between the folds to facilitate folding.
An important travelling companion when you are out and about.
german English