[GR7-GR 513]

Grossposter \"Entwicklung des Menschen\"
Poster „Evolution of Man“

The history of man is told here in this clearly designed poster, divided into six sections.

In section 1, we see the first man (Australopithecus africanus and Australopithecus afarensis).
He had a body height of 1,00 to 1,50 m and he roamed over the african plains 4,2 to 2 million years ago.
It is verified that he walked upright – just like us!

Section 3 deals with Homo habilis.
He lived in the time from 2,1 to 1,5 million years ago, in east Africa.
Research supports the conclusion that he made the first stone tools.
He did not hunt, but chased the hyaenas away from dead animals.
He was bigger than Australopithecinen( plural of Australopithecus)

Section 5 is dedicated to Homo neanderthalensis.
He lived 220,000 to 27,000 years ago and was 1,55 to 1,70 m tall.
Homo neanderthalensis lived in caves and wore clothing.
He was built more strongly than we are today (although we would probably be stronger, if we had to go hunting every couple of days).

The last stage is section 6 – Homo sapiens.
Modern man.
He entered the stage 150,000 years ago.
His migration began in east and south Africa.
He built his own dwellings, developed more and more complex language and began to settle on land.
He began to change his environment.

Size: 131 x 105 cm
Varnished matt
german English