Poster \"AMERICAN CARS Of The Fifties\"
AMERICAN CARS of the Fifties
Essentially they are just wheels.
An attitude.
A mood.

Among the cars you can see here is a Hudson Hornet (built 1951 to 1953) with its hidden back wheels.
Then there is a Cadillac Eldorado from 1953.
Beside it is a black Chevrolet from 1957 – that is the one you associate with grim looking gangsters in black suits.

Now you see an Oldsmobile Fiesta from 1953 (the author of these lines also has a Fiesta, but, believe me, it looks a lot different!)
A Pontiac Bonneville from 1959 is also to be seen.
And an open-top Cadillac from the same year, with its back wings with the built-in lights.

And we should not miss out on these: white wall tyres.
Is that the right name?
Maybe some of you out there know a better one.
I would be thankful for feedback on the subject.

This certainly is a magnificent parade, presented as it is on 68 x 98cm.

Wouldn’t you just love to get into such a car and sink into the upholstery with a sigh?
While somewhere way up front, the car comes to an end…

Size: 68 x 98
Art Print on 200g paper, varnished, matt.
german English