[F70-GR 401]

Poster \"BIRDS of PREY\"
Everyone takes pleasure at seeing them circling in the heavens.
That’s if they are not exactly killing sheep or having their fill of newly born lambs.
Unfortunately, their environment has become more and more restricted due to urban expansion and open farming methods.

This is why we see only the smaller varieties during observations in the country.
The larger species live more secluded.
We get to see them in specially arranged shows, where they are allowed to fly and demonstrate how they catch their quarry.
Then we can watch them gliding over our heads and hear them sweeping in to land with a rushing sound: birds of prey.

It is an impressive sight to see a predatory bird sitting on a perch; it gets awesome when he spreads his wings.
The most important birds of prey are shown in excellent picture quality on this English poster;

From the little American Kestrel which measures 10-11.5 inches from beak to tail and has a wingspan of 20-24 inches, to the Bearded Vulture which is much more impressive with a length of 40-45 inches and a wingspan of 94-120 inches.
That is 10 feet!

The birds are named in English, French, German, and Latin.
They are depicted gliding through the air and sitting on posts or rocks.
We also see them flying or gorging on a freshly caught Alpine Hare.
The birds are shown in both juvenile and adult stages with the male and female forms.

Size: 60 x 90 cm
Art print on 230g paper
Double laminated.
german English