Poster \"Classic Cars“
They are a feast for the eyes, put together lovingly piece for piece by hand.

Starting with the first Peugeot from 1892, to a Lincoln from 1926, then a Bugatti from 1926 to a Rolls Royce Sedan de Ville from 1938.
And some more into the bargain.

Everything is to be seen here from the grooves in the running board, the figurehead on the bonnet, the candle-holders, and the crank to get the motor started.
The excellence of the drawings alone conveys a certain dignity. What must the originals have been like?

You can still smell the leather.
In some cars, the passenger seat is separated from the driver…
It was also possible to stand on the running board without danger…
What would it be like to drive along a B-road, naturally with an open roof?

You don’t have to be a special fan of old-timers to be caught by the radience of these pictures.

Size: 68 x 98 cm
Art print on 200g paper, varnished, matt.
german English