[F29-FP 587]

Bio-Poster \"Dinosaurier aus der Kreidezeit\"
For more than 150 million years, they were the uncrowned kings of our planet, and even today and maybe in a hundred years to come, they will continue to fascinate us:


Even the thought that you might cross the path of one of these dinosaurs can certainly make you nervous.

This poster shows the most important dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period (this was about 142 to 65 million years ago), in excellent picture quality.

All the dinosaurs are shown in correct proportion to each other.
On the right hand bottom corner of the poster is a picture of a man to show how small we are in comparison to these giants.
The exact time of distribution, e.g. Upper or Lower Cretaceous Period is stated as well as the regions where the individual species were to be found.
Information as to carnivorous (meat-eater) and herbivorous (plant-eater) is also given, and of course length. Here are some Dinosaurs that you can also see in Wissenladen:
the Stegosaurus, the Allosaurus and the Iguanodon

If you want more information on each of the Dinosaurs simply click on the name.

The drawings are done with the usual love of detail, meticulously precise.

Size 60 x 90 cm
Excellent print on 200g paper
Waterproof laminated.
german English