[F28-FP 586]

Bio-Poster \"Dinosaurier aus Trias und Jura\"
For over 100 million years, they were the uncrowned kings of our planet, and even today and maybe in a hundred years to come, they will continue to fascinate us:


The very thought that you might cross the path of one of these dinosaurs can certainly make you nervous.

This poster shows the most important Dinosaurs of the Triassic and Jurassic Periods in brilliant picture quality.

All the dinosaurs are shown in the correct proportion to each other.
In the right hand bottom corner of the poster is a scaled down picture of a man to demonstrate how small we are in comparison to these giants.
Only very small types of dinosaurs have been shown larger than life.
The extent to which they have been enlarged is stated.

In this way, we see a Brachiosaurus 23 meters long and weighing 40 tons, and beside him an Echinodon, just 60 cm long.The Echinodon would have been smaller than the head of the Brachiosaurus.

We are also informed about where the individual species were to be found and also which of them meat-eaters were and which plant-eaters. Here we meet two dinosaurs which are to be seen as models in Wissenladen :
Allosaurus and the Stegosaurus .

The drawings are done with the usual attention to detail –meticulously precise-

Size 60 x 90 cm
Excellent print on 200g paper Waterproof laminated.
german English