[GR 042]

Equestrian Equipment

Around the horse you will find in word and picture all the utensils you need before the fun of horse riding begins.
We start with the saddle; its exact position on the horse´s back can be seen in one of the many sketches.

The next diagram shows different types of girths: an Atherstone girth; a girth with an elastic inset and one made of extra strong material.

Next we see two types of bandages for supporting the joints – and how they should be wrapped.

Descriptions of protective/supportive wraps explain which part of the horse can be protected an which injuries are to be prevented.
Bandages which support ankle joints can be seen and also a bell boot. The use of bell boots should prevent the horse injuring his forelegs with his back hooves.

Four different types of bits are also to be seen: an ordinary snaffle with double-jointed mouthpiece; an ordinary snaffle with French link mouthpiece; a loose ring hanging snaffle; an ordinary snaffle with jointed mouthpiece,
The following pictures show the bridle and the correct way of putting it on.

At the top of the picture you can see a standing martingale.
Four different types of stirrups are displayed.
We see a rider in perfect pose on a fully harnessed horse.
The horse in the centre of the poster is ready to be ridden.

The explanations are in English, Italian, French and German.

Size: 68 x 98 cm,
Art repro on 200 gr. Paper, varnished , matt
german English