Poster \"FERRARI F1\"
World Champions This poster shows all the Ferraris, which won a world titel in the years from 1952 up to 2002.

The names of the respective drivers and their cars are written alongside.
Of course you can also read some technical details about the cars:
Cubic capacity and horse-power are listed as are the number of cylinders and the advised number of revolutions per minute.

Length, height and width of the car are given if only to establish how small such a car really is, at least in hight.
And then again the most minute details:
Steering linkage can be seen as well as rim spokes.
Even the advertising banners are drawn exactly and represent the look of the particular year.
It goes without saying that even the tiniest vent slots can be seen...

The World Champions are all listed once again at the bottom of the poster: From Alberto Ascari, who, in 1952, raced over the finishing line in his 500F2, to Niki Lauda and then to Michael Schumacher in 2002 in his F2002.

Well, they could have used a little more imagination in naming the cars.

Size: 68 x 98 cm
Art repro on 200g paper, varnished, matt

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