Poster NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC „Classic World Map, Political“
National Geographic "Classic World Map".
The world-political
All the countries of the world and their boundaries are displayed on this world map.
When boundary lines give cause for contention, this fact is mentioned.

The poster provides a wealth of information:
Because of the applied drawing techniques, the mountain ranges above sea level make a vivid impression.
Sea depth is represented in different shades of blue. Cold and warm sea currents are distinguishable as are continental shelf lines and ice floe boundaries to their maximum extent.
The prevailing wind direction with its respective name is also marked in.
We can make out canals, airports, and capital cities.

On each corner of the map, are small additional maps with information about
the north and south Polar Regions,
vegetation and land use,
and population density.

We know that it is not possible to project a globe on to a flat surface.
We recognise that, when we try to spread a peeled apple skin on to an even surface.
There are always cracks and waves.
A projection is either equal of area, equal of length or equal of angle.
The only known projection that is largely true to life is the globe.
But there are compromises, where the attempt is made to facilitate all three demands.
Here is one such compromise.
The map is presented in a Winkel Triple Projection.

Size: 100 x 70 cm
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