A Pickup is a truck with a flat open loading space. In the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand pickups are called ‘utes’- this is short for utility vehicle. They usually have a motor car chassis.
In Spanish speaking areas like Latin America, these vehicles are described as camionetas. This is the diminutive of the word for lorry.
In Asia and Africa, pickups are common. Here they are usually Japanese made.
Pickups find little outlet in Europe.

In North America, this type of vehicle is called pickup truck or simply truck, and is usually based on a jeep.

Somehow, they sum up a farmer, jolting over his land, repairing fences, transporting compressors, or saving animals from a pending storm.
A pickup is never far away.

The oldest model on our poster is a Model-T Ford from 1931.
Further pictures show:
A Studebaker “J5” from 1937;
a Ford “Half Ton F 1” from 1951;
a GMC “305 E” from 1964, and a
Ford “Bronco” from 1966.

The range of trucks shown here goes from those with a relatively large loading surface that you could use to move house with, like the Ford “F-100” from 1980, to those with a loading space just big enough for a suitcase, like the Crosley from 1951.

Most of the names are familiar and in common use like Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, or Dodge.
But there are also some less common ones like the International Harvester from 1949, or the Studebaker M5 from 1947, or the Hudson Terraplane from 1934.

Size: 68 x 98 cm
Art Print on 200g paper
Matt varnished finish
german English