Who isn’t fascinated by the sight of sailors scurrying through the rigging, grappling with a cable and tying it artistically to another cable or to a bulwark?
You don’t have to be Long John Silver or Captain Jack Sparrow to know these knots.
You just need this poster.
24 knots are shown here. A Reef or square Knot is used to tie two knots together.

The Carrick Bend is a more intricate and decorative knot.

Further on you see a Wall Knot which is suited to making a knot at the end of a rope.
Then we go on to knots which are used to make a line fast to a spar. This action is called belaying.
Next, we come to the Figure of Eight and a loop called Bowline on the Bight which is used to make a loop in the middle of a length of rope.
The Figure of Eight can be used in combination with metal rings.

The names of these knots alone are fascinating.
But sooner or later every landlubber has to learn the ropes.

All this talk of lines and cables….a knot is described as being stable on its own e.g. Figure of Eight and Diamond Knot.
A hitch-knot means a knot which is only stable in connection with another object, just like our knot around a spar.

Lettering is in English, French, and Italian.

Size: 68 x 98 cm
Art print on 200 g paper, coated with matt varnish.
german English