[GR 055]

Poster \"Space Shuttle Missions 2\"
A Space Transportation System for taking a payload from the earth into low earth orbits, and which is able to return to earth in a reusable condition.
It is made up of a reusable Orbiter Vehicle, an expendable outer tank, and two solid rocket boosters.
Well, there we have it!

Here you can see all the shuttles which were launched, with flight numbers from 39 to 73.
That was in the period of time from 5.April 1991 until 12. November 1995.
That makes 75 flights in almost five years.
Makes you realise just how often space flights blasted off.

Here, there is an abundance of well prepared information:
The names of the crew members are listed, the number of round the earth orbits, and of course the dates of lift off.
Shuttle Logos are also shown.

We are given information about the length of the assignment and about the different nationalities that made up the crew; and about the purpose of the flight or the operations that were carried out ‘up yonder’.

Photographs are interspersed between the information panels. We see the start with its controlled flaming inferno, then the flight to the work station, the hustle and bustle of orbit, the solar sail, and finally the safe landing.

At the end of the poster, the beholder gets an explanation of the meaning of the many abbreviations used in space flight.

Captions and explanations are in English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish.

Size: 68 x 98 cm
Art Print on 100 g paper Coated with matt varnish
german English