[GR 067]

The sight of an old steam engine is enough to quicken the heart of any railway enthusiast.
All the locomotives here have been drawn with loving attention to detail.

The poster begins with the “Northumbrian 0-2-2” which had a total length of 7, 30 metres, and chugged through the scenery in 1830.
This was a time when you could choose either to travel with the Railway or trot alongside in a horse-drawn carriage.
And it was a time when the engines had a cow-catcher in front. This device was properly called a pilot and it deflected obstacles from the track that might otherwise have derailed the train.

The poster ends with the “Class 241P 4-8-2” from 1948 which was 27, 41 metres long.

They are all here: the most beautiful locomotives from a time when pistons were driven by steam; and tenders or coal-cars were hauled behind the engine.
They are true to life down to the last detail; the shadowing on the valves, the super heater tubes, the coupling rods and piston rods.
You can imagine peering through the window to the engine driver’s control panel; you can perceive the bolts on the running boards; even the labels and the lettering of the names are authentic…

And the rivets are just as easily spotted as the jets used to strew sand on the tracks.

Just call it pure nostalgia.

Size: 68 x 98 cm
Art print on 100g paper, coated with matt varnish.
german English