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Poster \"VENEZIA\"
The city stretches across 118 small islands in a lagoon along the Adriatic Sea in N.E. Italy.
The islands are connected by means of 400 bridges.
Venice, the city, has an aura of secrecy and mystery.
It is a place of tranquillity for those who wish to escape the rush of everyday life; a destination for those who haven’t yet found what they are looking for.
Everybody knows Venice as the city of gondolas and waterways, of old palaces and churches, the carnival, and museums.
The city also has the byname La Serenissima-The Most Serene.
In almost a thousand years of her history, the Republic of Venice has never carried an official coat of arms.
In place of such, the famous Lion of St. Mark has acted as emblem for both the Republic and the City of Venice.
This is also to be found on our poster. On each side of the title”VENEZIA”you can see an emblem.
The fierce looking lion is replaced by a bearded man with a halo and wings.

This poster includes just about everything you have to see when you are on a short trip to Venice.
There are 23 graphics, from the Rialto Bridge to the famous Equestrian Statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni by Verrocchio.
The Rialto Bridge is one of the most famous pieces of architecture in the city. It spans the Grand Canal with a length of 28, 8 metres.
The foundations of the two abutments are each made up of a pile grate with 6000 wooden piles driven into the ground.
There are a couple of beautiful and famous Palaces, The Bell Tower of St. Mark’s Cathedral, and St. Mark’s Cathedral.
St. Mark’s Basilica was originally the chapel of the Venetian Rulers and not the city’s cathedral. Since 1807, it has been the seat of the Patriarch of Venice. The Bell Tower of St. Mark’s is exactly 98, 6 m high and is known to the Venetians as the Patron di Casa or man of the house.
Its present form originated in 1511-1514, but unfortunately, the original no longer exists. The tower collapsed on 14th July 1902 at 9:47a.m. (Source Wikipedia, St. Mark’s Campanile 9:47a.m.)
This was caused by the removal of metal ties from the inside of the tower to facilitate the installation of a lift.
The only casualty was the caretaker’s cat, and damage to neighbouring buildings was limited except for the Loggetta which was completely destroyed.

Ever present is the Lion of St. Mark for you to see.
The drawings of the statues and the rose windows have been done with much love of detail.
They are both authentic and meticulous.

Captions are in Italian.

Size: 68 x 98 cm Art print on 100g paper, coated with matt varnish.
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