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Canada (Ellesmere Island)


On this page you will find a map of Canada (Ellesmere Island) and some information about the country. The map is a detail of a Map of the World published by Planet Poster Editons in Germany.


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Official name of country: Canada

Official script of the country: Latin/Latein, Inuktitut (Inuktitut, in Nunavut)

Capital: Ottawa.

Number of inhabitats: see


Map of Canada (Ellesmere Island)


Map of Canada (Ellesmere Island) with surrounding areas. - Landkarte von Kanada (Ellesmere Island). - Mapa Canada (Isla de Ellesmere). - Carte Canada (Île d'Ellesmere).


Canada's capital is Ottawa, the biggest cities are Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Flights to Canada usually go to one of these urban centres.
Canada is the second largest country of the world. Because the names of the localities in our map would not be readable, we subdivided the maps and present several pages - for the other maps please click in the list of North and Central American countries below.
Ellesmere Island is located far in Canada's north, west of the northern part of Greenland, and belongs to the Province of Nunavut. In Inuktitut the island is called Aussuittuq Qikiqtalua. This is not only difficult to pronounce for non-Inuits, another shortcoming is that several localities and islands have quite similar names (Baffin Island translates Qikiqtaluk). In the very north of Ellesmere is located the research station Alert, in the south the settlement of Grise Fiord (Aussuittuq). East of Ellesmere is located Greenland (Kalaallit Nunaat - the Greenlandic Inuit use the Latin script) - with the villages of Qaanaaq (Thule), Uummannaq (Dundas) and Savissivik. To the southeast is located the Baffin Bay (in Inuktitut Saknirutiak Imanga). South of Ellesmere is located Devon Island, forther south Bulot Island and finanlly Baffin Island (Qikiqtaluk). Axel Heiberg Island is located west of Ellesmere. Ellesmere Island is smaller in extension than Baffin Island, but nevertheless one of the largest islands of the world.
The official languages of Canada are English, French and Inuktitut. Inuktitut is official only in the province of Nunavut, French and English all over the country, although French is primarily spoken in Québec. There are many more native languages in Canada, however without official status in any region. In our map however, we have given the native American names of the localities in the Northern Territories next to the English names. It is quite possible that in the near future these native names will gain official status.
In contrast to French and English, Inuktitut is not written with the Latin alphabet, but with the Inuktitut alphabet consisting of 14 consonants combined with the vowels a, i, u and none each. In our Canada maps, the Inuktitut spellings of the localities are given in those parts of the country where the Inuktitut names are of importance (Nunavut and some adjacent areas).
Tourism is locally of high importance in Canada. We would appreciate more detailed information, also about tourism, sea voyages, beach holidays, flights, or individual tours to Canada.


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This is our Map of the World with original scripts (original size 70 x 100 cm), from which the detailed map shown above has been cut out. The numbers of city inhabitants and vegetational zones were researched by hand for every country, by using the sources listed below. This procedure prevented the map from containing traditional errors provoked by simply copying such information from previous maps.

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The vegetational base map was aligned with satellite pictures from Google Earth.

The official names of the countries are quite well researched at

Also here you can find information on the geography of many countries:

The numbers of inhabitants of the cities were taken from

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