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On this page you will find a map of Germany and some information about the country. The map is a detail of a Map of the World published by Planet Poster Editons in Germany.


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Official name of country: Deutschland

Official script of the country: Latin/Latein

Capital: Berlin.

Number of inhabitats: see


Map of Germany


Map of Germany with surrounding areas. - Landkarte von Deutschland. - Mapa de Alemania. - Carte de l'Allemagne.


Germany's capital is Berlin, which is also the biggest city of the country. Flights to Germany usually go to Frankfurt airport. Other cities indicated in our map are Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover (Hanover), Köln (Cologne), Essen, Dortmund, Leipzig, Stuttgart and München (Munich).
The single official language of Germany is German. Next to German some languages of minorities have more or less half official status: Danisch (in Schleswig-Holstein), Frisian (Schleswig-Holstein und Niedersachen/Lower Saxony), Lower German (or Low German, in northern Germany), Sorbian (in Sachsen/Saxony) und Romani (all over Germany). These are languages of minorities living for many centuries in Germany. Significantly more people in present-day Germany speak completely different languages, for example Turkish (2-3 millions, since the 1970s), Russian (since the 1990s) or Kurdish (since the 1970s). These languages have no official status of any kind. In the constrast, the children living in these communities have many problems in getting along in Germany.
Tourism is of locally high importance in Germany. There are beach holiday facilities in the north at the coasts of North Sea and Baltic Sea, and alpine tourism in the Bavarian Alps in the south. Nearly all cities are connected by a fairly good railway network. We would appreciate more detailed information, also about tourism, flights, or individual tours to Benin.


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This is our Map of the World with original scripts (original size 70 x 100 cm), from which the detailed map shown above has been cut out. The numbers of city inhabitants and vegetational zones were researched by hand for every country, by using the sources listed below. This procedure prevented the map from containing traditional errors provoked by simply copying such information from previous maps.

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Sources on which the information contained in this map is based:


The vegetational base map was aligned with satellite pictures from Google Earth.

The official names of the countries are quite well researched at

Also here you can find information on the geography of many countries:

The numbers of inhabitants of the cities were taken from

And the mountain peak altitudes were largely derived form


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The Map of the World was compiled by F. Welter-Schultes (Planet Poster Editions, Göttingen, Germany). Copyright (c) 2006 R. Krätzner & F. Welter-Schultes.

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