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On this page you will find a map of Laos and some information about the country. The map is a detail of a Map of the World published by Planet Poster Editons in Germany.


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Official name of country: Lao

Official script of the country: Lao

Capital: Viangchan (= Vientiane).

Number of inhabitats: see


Map of Laos


Map of Laos with surrounding areas. - Landkarte von Laos. - Mapa de Laos. - Carte de Laos.


The capital of Laos is Viangchan (Ventiane), which is also the biggest city of the country. Flights to Laos usually go to Viangchan. Another important city is Louangphrabang. Laos is located between Vietnam and Thailand, its northern neighbours are Myanmar and China, in the south Cambodia.
The official language of Laos is Lao. Lao is written in a script of its own, which is also called Lao, and derived nearly 1000 years ago from a Khmer script. On our map we have given the Lao spellings for the names of Lao, Viangchan and Louangphrabang.
Lao had been some time under French colonial administration. The Names of localities appear often in (outdated) French spellings. In modern transcriptions it is not any more Vientiane, but Viangchan, which is closer to the Lao pronounciation.
Tourism is of lower importance in Lao. The people of Lao suffered heavily in the Vietnam War, where US soldiers burnt down large areas of forests, destroyed and devastated many villages and small towns. Thousands of persons were killed. The poor country had no chance to do something. The Lao people never had done any harm to the United States.
We would appreciate more detailed information, also about tourism, flights, or individual tours to Laos.


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This is our Map of the World with original scripts (original size 70 x 100 cm), from which the detailed map shown above has been cut out. The numbers of city inhabitants and vegetational zones were researched by hand for every country, by using the sources listed below. This procedure prevented the map from containing traditional errors provoked by simply copying such information from previous maps.

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